Course Descriptions


Below you will find the course descriptions for the required classes in the Destiny School of Ministry program.   Students in the program must also sign this code of ethics.  


  • Discipleship 1:  Vision & Orientation/ Foundations – The focus of this course will be building one’s Christian life through “Down-reach.”  The purpose of this focus is to dig down deep to lay the foundation of the believer’s Christian life (1 Corinthians 3:11).  This will provide an overview of basic church doctrine and vision as well as an in-depth study of the six doctrines which constitute the “Principles of Christ” (Hebrews 6:1,2).
  • Discipleship 2:  The Spiritual Walk – The focus of this course will be building one’s Christian life through “Up-reach.”  The purpose is to teach the believer how to look up to begin to make a shift from an emphasis on a natural, scholastic approach toward God to a spiritual, luminary approach instead (Ephesians 1:17-19)
  • Discipleship 3:  The Life of Devotion – The focus of this course will be building one’s Christian life through “In-reach.”  The purpose is to teach the believer, who is the temple of God, how to seek God inside their innermost being.  This course will provide an in-depth study of the three dimensional devotional life depicted in Psalm 27:4.
  • I.S.O.M.:  International School of Ministry – This complete training curriculum is geared to train laborers for the end-time harvest.  The purpose is to train each student for ministry.  Students will receive an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies from Vision International University.
  • M.A.P.:  Ministry Action Plan – This self-assessment tool is designed to help believers discover who they are, what they want to do, and determine how to get there to fulfill their destiny.  Discovery of spiritual gifts and learning to set goals in ministry are key to the success one will have in the Kingdom of God.  We will also explore prophetic words that each student has received.
  • Prophetic School:  Prophetic training from various guest lecturers.
  • Living Proof:  Evangelism Strategies – This two day seminar will focus on being a good testimony to unbelievers and guiding them in the power of God to make decisions for Christ.  We will learn the tasks of cultivating, sowing, harvesting, and multiplying by means of the three supernatural resources that we have: The Holy Spirit, the Bible, and ourselves.
  • Short-Term Mission Trip:  Peru  – The school will convene for the second trimester in Celina just before embarking on this STM to Peru where Apostolic Team Ministries is actively involved in church planting.  The students will conduct physical and spiritual labor both in and outside of the local churches in Tarapoto, Peru.  Passports required!
  • Leadership 101:  The Path to Leadership– This is the initial step of training believers about church leadership in any capacity.  Topics covered here are Divine Government, the Power of Delegation, Church Discipline, Building Successful Church Relationships, Authority in the Church, and Team Leadership.
  • Ministry Practices:  Serving the Body of Christ – This course is designed to prepare each student for the practical goings on in the church through active Servanthood training.  To become great in the Kingdom of God one must become the “servant of all.”  A wide array of practical, hands on applications to church ministry will be explored.
  • Ethics: Learning the Ethics of Christianity– This course introduces the student to the various worldviews of ethics. A comparison is then made with Christian ethics and then how we should operate in a world of conflicting views.
  • Major Events in Church History: Key Events That Fashion Modern Day Christianity This course will look at key events throughout the history of the church to allow students to have a sense of the revelation of God through the centuries and how those events form current thought and practice.
  • Guest Lecture Series: Lecturers from around the country who are gifted in their field.

  • Sovereignty of God: Exploring the purposes and power of God – This course will explore the purpose of God for humanity and history.
  • Healing and Miracles: Preparing for the power of God – This course studies the biblical prescriptions for healing and builds faith toward reaching out to God for others.
  • Homiletics: Preaching the Word- This course offers the backgrounds for preaching the word. Students will prepare and deliver sermons in various styles.
  • Teaching the Word- Teaching the Bible- This course focuses on how to teach. This differs greatly from preaching. Students will prepare and practice teaching. Assignments will be given in different areas of the church for practical experience.
  • Hermeneutics: The approach to interpreting Scripture- This course teaches the various approaches to interpreting and understanding the Bible. It is very important for sermon and teaching preparation.
  • Old and New Testament Survey: The broad historical and message based look at the big picture- This course will provide the student with a Biblical sense of time and interpretation in the light of world history and geography.